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COVID-19 Action Plan


Lizzie Saunderson


All employees may be at risk of infection of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), or of transmitting COVID-19, especially when working in close contact with individuals. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person, especially between people who are physically near each other - within about 6 feet. Individuals who are infected but do not show symptoms can also spread the virus to others. The government is frequently updating their guidance on how to protect the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Bradford City’s Community Foundations (BCCF) rules on controlling the risks of COVID-19 must always be followed.

In order to restrict and reduce the risk of infection in the workplace, BCCF will:

  • Have systems in place that assess the risk of and prevent, detect and control the risk of infection.

  • Designate a health and safety lead for infection prevention and control.

  • Ensure sufficient resources are available to secure effective prevention and control of infection.

  • Ensure employees, contractors and other persons who directly or indirectly provide work are provided with suitable information, instruction, training and supervision in the precautions to follow.

  • Information is obtained from and shared with other businesses.

  • Audits are carried out to ensure policies and procedures are being implemented.

  • A suitable and sufficient risk assessment is carried out with respect to prevention and control of infection.

  • Ensure an appropriate standard of cleanliness and hygiene is maintained throughout the premises and that the premises are maintained in good physical repair and condition.

  • Ensure appropriate standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in relation to equipment used.

  • Ensure that a suitable cleaning schedule is in place and followed.

  • Ensure there is suitable and sufficient hand washing facilities and antibacterial hand rubs where appropriate.

  • Ensure suitable information on infections is provided to visitors, including the importance of hand washing by visitors.

  • Ensure information regarding infection is passed on to any other person, as necessary.

  • Ensure individuals who develop an infection are identified promptly and that they receive the appropriate treatment, care and isolation if needed.

  • Inform the local authority and health service of any outbreaks or serious incidents relating to infection.

  • Ensure all staff co-operate with our control of infection procedures.

  • Provide regular suitable training, including induction training to all staff on the prevention and control of infection.

  • Keep a record of all training and updates to staff.

  • If required by the government, stagger start and finish times so that fewer people are together at once.

  • Cancel non-essential overseas travel to affected areas across the world.

  • Cancel non-essential training sessions.

  • Deal with clients/customers by phone, email or video calls.

  • If face to face meetings must take place, ensure that facilities are suitable to minimise the spread of infection e.g. allowing a distance of more than one metre between participants, hand washing facilities are readily available and crockery is not shared.

  • Consider whether employees may work from home if their role allows for it.


BCCF will apply the below procedure to control the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace:

  • Strongly recommend that employees follow any Government guidance published on self-isolation/quarantine.

  • Encourage staff to report symptoms of COVID-19 and self-isolate for 10 days if positive. If a family member tests positive, a staff member only needs to be isolated if they are not double vaccinated.

  • Ensure staff who have symptoms do not come to work and go for a PCR test to confirm whether they have a positive case and is to follow the guidance set by Test and Trace.

  • For staff members who are not double vaccinated, but have to isolate due to being in close contact with an individual that has a positive case, for the time they have to isolate they will only receive SSP sick pay rather than their usual pay.

  • Where required, ensure notifiable outbreaks are reported to the relevant authority e.g. HSE.

  • Co-operate with any investigation by a relevant authority and comply with any investigation findings.

  • Keep the number of employees dealing with affected persons to a minimum and do not allow these employees to be involved with food handling if applicable.

  • Prioritise cleaning, paying particular attention to the cleaning and disinfecting of toilets, handles, support handrails, taps, wash basins and work stations.

  • Ensure staff pay strict attention to procedures, in particular to the washing of hands and the wearing of protective clothing if required.

  • Provide and use antibacterial hand wash in all hand washing areas and ensure staff carry this if working off site.

  • Inform visitors of the guidance and discourage unnecessary visits.

  • Receive external advice, if necessary.

BCCF will apply the below procedure to control the risk of COVID-19 on NCS:

  • Prioritise cleaning, paying particular attention to the cleaning and disinfecting of toilets,  handles, support handrails, taps, wash basins and work stations. This must be done at the beginning and end of each day.

  • Pre-programme conversations to discuss any young people who live with individuals who are shielding and their appropriateness of taking part in the programme. Also complete COVID-19 checks on salesforce.

  • Provide and use antibacterial hand wash on entrance to venues and stationed around.

  • Temperature checks and symptom questionnaires completed at registration.

  • Individuals remain socially distanced at a minimum of 1 metre where possible.

  • Individuals to wear masks (if applicable).

  • Individuals to be placed in smaller groups of no more than 15 individuals to limit the spread of COVID.

  • If an individual develops symptoms, they must immediately go for a test to confirm the result.

  • If an individual has a confirmed case, they will be asked to call NHS Test & Trace. From the 16th August, under 18’s or over 18’s that are double vaccinated do not have to be isolated if they are in close contact with a person who has COVID.

  • If an individual needs to isolate on site whilst waiting for transport, keep them in a room with limited staff who must be wearing PPE and maintain a safe distance.

  • Information has been included in each risk assessment on the COVID guidance that should be followed.

BCCF will apply the below procedure to control the risk of COVID-19 on transport:

  • Deep clean before and after use of vehicle

  • Hand sanitise before boarding

  • Advise masks to be worn at all times

  • 1 metre distance where possible – limit how many can sit in a row

  • Limit seating and use signage

  • No seating to be used that is face to face

  • Young people and staff must remain in their bubble

  • Staff to sit up front

  • Maximise ventilation of fresh air by opening windows during journeys and cleaning

  • Avoid touching surfaces

  • Board back to front, alight front to back

  • All rubbish to be disposed of after each journey


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